Friday, 4 January 2008

Happy New Year and all that jazz

OK: its a new year and with it come implausible promises of self-improvement and life enhancement. This year, mine are quite simple:
  1. I shall blog every Friday, unless the computer dies, my fingers fall off, I lose my memory and exist in some strange 'Desperately Seeking Susan'-style parallel universe (set in the 80's when the t'interweb was but a geeks wet dream, therefore I wouldn't know what the heckadoodle a 'blog' was, let alone have the technological means to write one), or I don't want to. Or a combination of the above.
  2. I will not lose weight, but I aim to increase my fitness level. This shouldn't be too tricky as I am doing nowt at the mo. My mind is less likely to implode when I get my body moving, so this would be a good idea.
  3. I will not attempt to grow my hair long. It will never be as thick as it was when I was a kid, and therefore I will always be disappointed.
  4. I will NOT stop dyeing it: I know I'm 36 but I am NOT ready for grey hair. Yet.
  5. I need to gain some self control over my brain: my current 5 minute attention span is not doing me any favours. Any suggestions?
  6. I will push my own creative boundaries, maaaan. This doesn't mean that the house of yumptatious will be full of items that make you gasp 'How the hell did she do that?!' but will be full of things I'm trying out.
  7. I should pin my Mum down and get her to teach me to knit and crochet. Again. I think this may be the 4th time...
  8. I will attempt to read more books (see point 5)
  9. I will try and remember people's birthdays and send/make cards and gifts.
  10. I will attempt to celebrate things more: life is short, it is often tedious and frustrating so lets make a big effort and a happy, colourful fuss for those times when it isn't!

Now please charge your mugs and join me in a toast:

Happy New Year!!!


stephanie said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR! yay! i love your resolutions. they sound humanly possible and full of humor, two things I think are necessary for success. best of luck to you!

stephanie said...

ps...i love what you've done with the place! your banner is adorable

avago said...

Happy New Year - toasting you back with a cup of coffee! Good luck with all your intentions - I look forward to receiving a handmade birthday card (how come I didn't get one of your own Christmas cards???). Will be happy to share my amazing knowledge of knitting & crochet with you.....!

KT said...

Bravo, happy new year and here's to seeking susan

avago said...

That'll be every OTHER Friday then!!!

Abi B said...

*guffaws at blog tastic hilarity*. i have now moved my blog to the user friendly blogger too. i very much hope that mine is just as amusing as yours!

yumptatious said...

stephanie: aww, cheers hun! Although I have fallen at the first hurdle...ho hum! (oh and good luck with your second shop! AND seeing Neko Case, you lucky beast!)

Mum: I didn't want to seem cheap! (or I just wasn't thinking - probably the latter. Well, I am getting on...)

KT: if you find her, tell her she owes me a tenner.

Mum: when have I EVER been on time?!

abi: welcome to the blogger world! Your blog rocks hard too: I want the shiny trainers from your banner!

bee said...

ohh I've just seen the nice comments you put on my blog so I've come to say hi hi. Also wish I could knit. My Nan tried to teach me when I was small and it involved a rhythm...stab him, strangle him, pull him through and kick him off. :/
I can imagine me muttering it now...just the image I want to project as I'm sitting on trains trying to look kooky with my knitting.