Wednesday, 25 August 2010

And so it begins...again...

Ok, let's get you up to speed...
  • yumptatious, the shop, is no more. This isn't really surprising as I hadn't made any new stock for well over a year, let alone embraced the all-consuming art of marketing. Perhaps I will resurrect it in the future, perhaps I won't. So, in the meantime, if anyone has any idea with what I can do with about 500 yumptatious/etsy Moo cards, do let me know.
  • despite not being at the coalface of the crafting community, I am still involved via those lovely fellas at UK Handmade. In the past, I have written craft book reviews for the magazine (though not for the upcoming autumn edition) and used to write the Sunday 'Lifestyle' page on their blog on my ownsome until I cried out for help, in the style of Ron Burgundy of course, and am now part of a 'Lifestyle' team: Adele does all things gardening, Gilly is our herbal and ointment Queen and I'm still the flippant gobshite with the cake. Go and have a look! Plus, I have been drafted in to support our wonderful UKH mag editor, Anna, so will be deputy ed for the winter issue: no pressure there then...
  • I am no longer a school governor which means: a) I get my life back and b) I have no excuse for not doing the things I want / ought to be doing. I have handed over five bin bags of shredded documents to our bin men recently. Being a governor completely took over my life but it was worth it and the experience challenged me in a whole heap of original and unexpected ways.
 So...what's the blog for, if not to promote my fabulous wares?! Well, let's be honest, I deviated from that premise a long time ago, so expect more of the same, just with no tenuous links to my shop...although, should I resurrect my shop, my links will have no tenuous-ness about them, of course..ahem.

I'm off to the coast, but let's catch up when I get back. I'll be in a chattier mood as we'll be entering my favourite season...autumn!

See you soon x


    Quernus Crafts said...

    You'll be fantastic, Emma! Enjoy your trip away and looking forward to seeing what you cook up on your return!

    Sian said...

    YAyyyyy! That is all x

    Unknown said...

    What a restorative post methinks. Sounds like a whole new life. Love the new title thingy - how do you do that. Missing you loads, but love our Internet connection so to speak. Oh I'll have a moo card or two next time you pop something in the post.
    Can I ask a strange question - do you get cold feet in the winter?

    Bebe Bradley said...


    What's the book?

    Anna Stassen said...

    RIP Yumptatious shop may you experience a resurrection when the time is right ;)

    Have a fantastic holiday hon, looking fwd to working with you (^o^)...lots of excuses for visits and cake ;)

    Anna xx

    Abi B said...

    Crap. I finally get back into reading blogs again when I learn that there will be no opportunity to purchase lady Striplington in my future!!!

    As i type this the security word to post this comment reads "ABBSTROLL" make of that what you will.

    Right, well now you are no longer guv'nor then we will simply HAVE to meet. If you are up for a gallery visit or something soon? I am v poor but can get to london on t'megabus for WANPOUN.

    yumptatious said...

    Kirsten: you have big boots to fill, laydee, yet comfy and such a fab colour! :-x
    Sian: Wooot! ('Ave it.)
    KT: new life? Just tweaking and getting back on track. New title? Done on the most basic 'Paint' package - Photoshop scares me (as does crochet: they are both types of voodoo) Miss you loads too: could really have done with you down in Cornwall. Shall pop in a load of Moos in post. Feet: sometimes, especially when Nige is asleep in bed - mine go like ice ;-) (he loves it...)
    Bebe: Cheers! The book is 'The Wonderful Weekend Book' by Elspeth Thompson - click the coloured link under the pic.
    Anna: 'yumptatious phoenix'? I have a skittish personality - I'm sure I'll be up to alsorts again before long ;-) By the way, you NEVER need an excuse! x
    Abi: I still have la Striplington should you require the mucky whore (although I did last see her on the way to the England FC camp...) Defo up for a banter-fuelled, mirth-volcano meet up. Let's live the dream.