Friday, 11 May 2007

The logistics of the studio in the kitchen

Whilst a rather gorgeous chilli cooked...

I made this...

with this gorgeous fabric (I will read my camera's Macro function instructions ....)

in fact, I made 2

2 pants bags, originally uploaded by yumptatious

ps: its a tad annoying that you can only blog one photo at a time from Flickr: thats why the pics are different sizes.
By the way: the chilli was indeed delicious but Inspector Morse was doing my head in:


AMCSviatko said...

You can also upload directly from your C drive which might spped things up and fix the problem?

(BTW loving your sense of humour!)

yumptatious said...

Thats what I had (and have since) been doing. I was just caught up in a technological jamboree: 'You mean, I can beam my photos from one intangible place to another?! I need to lie down.'
Thanks for your advice and kind comment: welcome to my world!

sooz said...

That fabric?! Fabulous!!