Wednesday, 2 May 2007

And so it starts...

Its strange: ever since I decided to start a blog a couple of weeks ago, my life has had a running commentary to it. I've been engorged with the need to tell complete strangers from all around the world of my joys and woes as I clamber back onto the rodeo bull that is craft. Like a squirrel expecting a heavy winter, I have been storing other crafters blogs, soaking up inspiration like my liver to real ale, drowning in a sea of metaphor of my own making.
But I digress....

Its all go at the moment.
After getting back in the crafters saddle with this

(a blanket made from scraps of fabric I've been saving for...well, who knows what for...a fabric drought?)

I got the bag making bug again, which was a relief as I'd been suffering from a severe creative block. The idea was to use up all the bits of fabric that I have languishing under my bed to make some space for the stuff that is still homeless: our house is tiny so every little inch of space counts. So I thought I'd throw it out to the world to see what people thought, and hopefully buy, thus making space for me and the family. Although I wouldn't mind keeping them!

I've set up a shop at Etsy: I'd love to know what you think.

I've started putting up my photos on Flickr: your comments will be gratefully received!

But its been tricky keeping focused on setting up the shop and Flickr with all this gorgeousness shouting at me:

says it all

yummy blues n greens

sexy reds (can you have sexy buttons?)

oh how I love ebay! They all came in the tin, each one put away for when its needed. Each button with a tale to tell.

I also got these beauties in the post:


the obligatory Japanese sewing book

cups of tea! Its a sign!!!

I love this naive style of embroidery

Not many magazines can claim this, although this magazine does it for me!

I'm off to put the last bits on Etsy so that Bernina and I can create some more gorgeousness!
Have a lush weekend!

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