Thursday, 31 May 2007

A comment on comments

Whilst I am of course writing this 'ere journal for my own mirth and amusement, I am aware that others are reading it too, and that's fabulous to know that someone who I may or may not know has taken the time to plough through my waffle and, of course, come away a better person as a result...(HAHAHA!!!!)

It has, however, come to my attention that people are there but not leaving comments: I have a counter, as dangerous to a paranoid sod like me as a medical dictionary is to a hypochondriac.

Am I attracting shy types, lurkers or, more fascinatingly, perverts? Or is it the hassle of filling in your details in order to post a comment? The first point, I can't really comment on, only to say 'Welcome!' (and if you're a pervert: please clean up afterwards) but the second point: once you've filled in your details, you won't have to do it again. You can then comment on anyone's blog, not just mine. You won't get your face spammed off or any other such virtual heinous crimes. I won't see your e-mail address so you can be as covert as you like.

Are you already a mate of mine, or Mr Yumptatious? Excellent: as many bloggers make new friends via the world of Blog, we are simply cutting out that stage of getting to know each other, although thats tosh as we never really fully know each other so that means we still have lots to learn! Hurrah!

Are you a family member? Now this is why I think my counter is really going up: my Mum reads my blog at the same time as my Dad: she sends him a mail telling him to read the blog whilst he sends an email telling her to read the blog. She gets the email, reads the blog at the same time, he does likewise. This pattern repeats itself all day, gradually increasing the amount of hits the blog gets. This sounds like a maths question in probability...

Anyhoo, to get you started on the comment path, I've included some template comments to cut and paste, but feel free to use your own.

See you on the other side!

My life was a hollow mockery until I read your blog, but now it has meaning, colour and purpose. I am, and remain, your loyal, humble servant.

I'm stopping off at a cake shop/off licence on my way home: what would you like?

Your bags rock my world: where can I buy them?

Do you think Robbie should get back with Take That?

I know exactly what you mean! I did the same thing with mine and I had to spend all day unpicking the bugger!

I love your pictures: are you available for weddings?

I feel your pain

Hahaha! THAT is comedy gold!

I'm a publisher and I want to publish your face off.

A valid point, but I'll have to disagree with you on that one as you are clearly delusional and have no concept of space and relative dimension. I like the monkeys though.


Feltbug said...

Hi there - thanks for dropping by - good to meet you at last :)

Christine said...

I just found you via mollychicken and am already leaving a comment! That really is a funny post! I love the idea to copy&paste the comments!

my scattergun approach to art said...

hahaha.. love the template comments but am unable to fins a suitable one, I will just have to use " surfing flicker studios and came across yours "
nice to meet you :-)

yumptatious said...

Welcome feltbug, christine and my scattergun approach to art! Thank you for your kind comments: expect me to leave ramblings at the doors of your blogs too, if I haven't already...

Anonymous said...

hello there silly blogger,
thanks for linking me to your page and for the splendiferous comment. this posting is laugh out loud good. you are so clever! ps...i love your stuff on etsy!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is brill. I knew it would be.

To share my blog back with you, I would have to let you in on a worrying secret - oo-er.

Keep up the weird and wacky work.


Anne-Laure said...

this post in particular gave me a chuckle. I don't have a counter, but I've had similar experience with people not leaving comments. People I know will email me about my blog rather than leave comments actually on the blog. Let me know if your cut and paste method works for you, and I'll try it too :)

also, thanks for taking a look at my blog, and for leaving a comment!

Joy said...

It is curious that you should write this post, as I have just come over to your blog after noticing you on my blog stats.... and I also see that my blog is on your side bar, thank you very much. Enjoyed my visit and laughed a lot, will pop you on my side bar too.

yumptatious said...

Thanks for the encouragement Stephanie, Anne-Laure and Joy!
I finally got rid of the stat counter: that way, I appreciate it more when people leave comments!