Wednesday, 23 May 2007


Well after the joy of completing the first shopper, I received a lush package from Reprodepot and set about making some more:

Jo at work wanted a bag but I wasn't sure which one she'd prefer so took in the lot

She chose this beauty

with its rather dazzling inside

the others have plain white cotton linings, but with a patterned inner pocket.

I'm not going to put these on Etsy just yet but am taking them to Gazastock, where, in between supping tasty ales, moshing embarrassingly to juicy tunes, I shall endeavour to sell my wares. I'm going to take these felt badges

and I'm making some monkeys too...

monkeys in the making

blind monkeys and gratuitous crotch shots

I sense a disturbance in the Force (to be continued....)

and the pants bags are going as I thought they'd be perfect for camping.
We had a riot last year: its in a small field, 20 minutes drive from home, very family friendly and some excellent music. We particularly enjoyed the Mighty Peas and Origami Dinosaur, but to be honest, it was all good. I'm going to stay away from the cider this year, however...

I also made my first skirt, with guidance from this book. In my haste to make a piece of lushness, I forgot to put in darts (and as a curvy UK size 16, I do need them) but I don't care because it sits where it should and makes me smile.

Its for wearing over trousers: bit short, for me, to wear on its own. I can't wait to have another go, but this time taking a bit more care. Perhaps.

After all that creativity, it was time to sort out my hair. I'd had it cut from shoulder length and, although it looked great when I left the salon, I thought it was a bit mumsy. A bit nice. A bit grown up. It made me feel boring, like I'd given up. It just wasn't me. But I kept it for 8 weeks, and at least it was out of my face. Luckily, my hairdresser can reasess a situation and get it right.

from hair frustration (at least it smells good cos its washed with this) to hair jubilation!

Ladies and gents: the beeeatch is back...


Anonymous said...

Hey..i love these bags...the fabric somehow reminds me of the circus...keep up the skirt sewing..i like it!

sooz said...

I want your hairdresser - I liked it before, but I love it after.

yumptatious said...

Fliss: I know what you mean re:circus. I think the balls look like the ones a seal would balance on his nose, and the stripes are like a big top....perhaps. At least there aren't any damn-freaky clowns (shudder!)
Must make a new skirt: I've barely stopped wearing it since it was made! (it has been washed: honest!)
Sooz: he's mine and you can't have him so 'ner'. (although, should you find yourself in Tonbridge, I'll give you his number.)
Thanks for the hair blessing!